Fenwick Adult Education Services


Duration: 4 hours


Prerequisite(s):  None


Objective(s)/Description:  This program is designed to prepare adults for entry-level positions in government, and business; the continuation of their learning and developmental process, and to enable those with parental responsibility or the responsibility for the care and nurturing of minors (in-loco parentis) with the ability to more effectively guide and assist such minors in their growth and development.


All facets of this program are involved in creating an atmosphere conducive to learning, instilling a high degree of motivation and self-work, ethics and integrity in working with people while providing quality instruction..


Program Outline


  • Program Design
  • Administrative/Operational Components
  • Program Goals
  • Client Entry Assessment (CEA)
  • Training Modules


Tools:  Presentation; Participant Workbook; Workshop Exercises; Assessment


Target Audience:  Adult Learners 


Fenwick Adult Education Services is well-prepared to deliver training in Motivation and improving Engagement of employees; those who need help in making up for lost time and need one-on-one assistance to be successful in completing requirements for the General Education Development (GED) test can come to us.  We can assist job-seekers in preparing and analyzing their resumes and prep sheets for applications to be more competitive on paper as well as how important it is for them to understand and know how to dress for success to obtain a competitive edge.