Fenwick Adult Education Services

                                  AFFIRMATIVE AGING

Duration: 2 hours                                                            


Prerequisite(s): None


Objective(s)/Description: This session is for all those fifty-five and over who wish to affirm themselves as viable persons in spite of prevailing notions of what it means to be aged, older, a sexagenarian.  Reaching retirement age and entering retirement poses challenges for many of us.  Often, our vision and others, is of one sitting on an expansive front porch in a rocking chair reminiscing about old times with family or friends.  The truth is, reaching the stage of retirement is a major step to a new and often rewarding future.  However, with this step may come self-imposed and externally imposed challenges.  We will discuss these challenges as well as identify rationally selected options for affirmatively experiencing this next stage of our lives.



  • Reaching Back
  • Gathering In
  • Taking Action
  • Developing an Affirmative Attitude
  • Developing a Personal Action Plan
  • Reaping the Benefits


                      PROGRAM OBJECTIVES

  • Understanding challenges of the aging process.
  • Identifying methods for entering the post-work world.
  • Touching on the impact of financial and economic challenges.
  • Looking head-on at social challenges.
  • Exploring options for coping with aging-related emotions.
Tools:  Presentation; Handouts; Assessment
Target Audience:  Adults at or near retirement age.
Be proud of your age, you've earned it - with blood, sweat, and tears!!