Fenwick Adult Education Services


Duration:  4 hours


Prerequisite(s):  None


Objectives/Description:  Civility refers to behaviour between persons and groups that conforms to a social mode (that is, in accordance with the civil society), as itself being a foundational principle of society and law.  This training does not focus on eliminating unwelcome or offensive behavior based on characteristics protected under employment non-discrimination laws.  This focus is on promoting respect and civility in the workplace.


Participants will explore what is civility; participants will explore the following:


  • As to what does workplace in-civility look and sound?
  • Why is workplace in-civility a costly problem?
  • How can participants boost their civility quotient?



Tools:  Presentation; Participant Workbook; Workshop Exercises; Assessment


Target Audience: All those wishing to engage others with ease