Fenwick Adult Education Services


Duration: 4 hours


Prerequisite(s):  None


Objective(s)/Description: Customer Service for Small Business has been developed to provide the small business entrepreneur with an understanding of the competitive environment from the customer point of view. It is only by attending to business from the customer point of view that the business will continue to exist and remain successful.


Participants will:


  • Identify some principles to survive and thrive.
  • Develop a heads-up plan to deliver quality customer service.
  • Understand the value of training employees in quality customer service techniques.
  • Learn to become more competitive in the business environment through application of quality customer service.
  • Learn how to Get, Keep, Maximize customer potential - Make More Money.


Tools: Presentation; Participant Workbook; Workshop Exercises; Assessment


Target Audience: Small Business Personnel


A major complaint for many consumers is in the area of customer service, small businesses especially cannot afford to give poor customer service, it is far too expensive to get customers and much more efficient and less expensive to keep customers - let us help you with this.